About Us

Captains was established early in 2006 when David Charns purchased the 5th Avenue Café. Out of necessity (when he saw what he was paying for the restaurant disposables from the local distributors), he got the necessary licenses and set up with 2 of the local re-distributors with the idea of simply servicing his own restaurant. It was this way for a while until one of his former customers (from a previous life) called. One thing lead to another and before he knew it, he was servicing their 7 locations. At that point, he purchased a truck (one that his daughter named The Captain), and he was off and running. The name Captains stuck and, even though some called them The Paper Dudes, the business started to grow.

Captains currently has multiple trucks, servicing the entire greater Phoenix area. While specializing in food service disposables including anything non-edible from the back of the house to the front. Captains also has a complete line of coffee syrups, sauces, and assorted products. In addition, small wares and some bread coating products have been added to the mix.

In order to compete with the "Big Guys", we try to keep it simple. We sell quality products at good pricing and deliver it when the customer needs it. We are proud of our commitment to taking better care of our customers than anyone else does.